♥ i'm waiting ♥

♥ i'm waiting ♥
jaebum oppa i will stop complaining.so promise us u will comeback soon

This is Jaebeom-his letter

Hi this is Jaebeom from 2PM.
I’m sorry to say my good bye words like this.
I’m feeling too sorry to meet you guys on

I truly apologize to everyone, especially to fans who gave me whole support and love.
From today, I’ll be out of 2PM.

I’m sorry to 2PM members for not being able to give strength as a leader and Hyung and have to
leave like this. But, please keep it up.
Again, I’m very sorry.

- Jaebeom -

cute khunnie boy

see who is this...our cute khun here

more from spris

here other 2pm spris pics

p\s:chan & taec so sexy~

2pm spris photo


i wish jay was there wearing bright pink
p/s:i will imagine pink leadja in every 2pm pics